Nude at the Neighbors

I watch my neighbors dog and house whenever he has to go away, which is quite frequently with his job. My neighbor, we will call him John, is about 20 and lived there with his parents until they moved to an adult community and he rented the house from them. We are close with him and his family. We used to have sleepovers when we were younger. He was one of my first friends actually so we are close even though hes 3 years older then me. We still hang out almost every week.

John has a nice place. Pool, deck on the second floor off the master bedroom, its really nice. And it is also very secluded. Trees are on all sides of it so no one can see his yard or deck which is perfect for someone who doesn’t like to wear clothes! When he goes away for a few days he lets me stay at the house and sleep there if i want just so i don’t have to keep walking there and back and so someones always home with the dog. My parent’s are fine with it. He is like another son to them so it isn’t a big deal.

Anyway one day during the summer he was going to be gone for a few nights so i set up camp at his house. I brought clothes with me but never needed them at all. The only time i put anything on was to answer the door for  a package and it was only a towel..which came undone but luckily the guy had turned around to get the package at that time.

My friend, who just started to never wear clothes, came over on the second or third day so we hung by the pool most of the day. He was going to stay over just so he didn’t have to put clothes on but he had work the next morning. So it was just me and the dog that night. I sleep in Johns bedroom like i always do and went to sleep around midnight, naked of course. Now i was told that he would be home the next night. But he came home a little early.

He came in around 3 am and i didn’t hear him. The dog did but didn’t make any noise because he knew it was John. I guess John thought i had gone home because he didn’t see me under the blankets or say anything so he stripped down and went to take a shower. I remember hearing the shower but i was half asleep and thought it was just part of my dream. When he came out he dried off i assume and got into bed. Little did he know i was there. He was startled when he laid on a body. I woke up and was like “crap sorry i didn’t think you were going to be home. Sorry ill see you tomorrow” i got up to go not realizing both of us were naked. When i did, i was by the door and i turned quickly looked at him smiling and apologized again. He said don’t worry about it it’s fine. See i do it too! We both started laughing and he said to just stay it was late and it wasn’t a big deal so i slept on the couch. Still nude because at that point i had nothing to hide.

The next morning when i woke up he was already up and walking around making breakfast. Just in a towel. I didn’t move and just watched him. He isn’t and unattractive guy. When i finally got up he forgot i was there and ran to get clothes but i said its fine it isn’t a big deal. but we both put our robes on anyway. I hung around with him for the morning. Both in our robes the whole time which we didn’t make an effort to keep closed. We talked and the subject of nudity came up, obviously. He liked to be naked all the time too so it wasn’t awkward to talk about. He said if i ever want to just go for a swim to go for it bathing suit or not even when hes home. Now i don’t have to worry about making sure I’m dressed whenever he comes home. You’d think it be awkward but hey, we are friends.

Locker Room Surprise

So i was at school the other day. Regular day nothing special or different. That is until lunch. Someone spilled there drink on my and it went all over my pants in shirt. No big deal it was an accident i totally get it. I knew i had another pair of clothes in my gym locker so i ran down to get them. The gym classes were already outside and wouldn’t be in for another 20 minutes so i had the locker room to myself. So as soon as i got in there i took off all my clothes (underwear and all) and walked to my locker which was on the other end. Mind you that you normally don’t get fully naked but i figured it was fine because i thought nobody was in there. I got to my locker and got my clothes out but had to dry my body because it was still wet where the water was spilled so i walked over to the bathroom and used the hand dryer. As i started to walk back i heard the door to the locker room close.

At first i was nervous and awkward because i was naked but then realized, who cares its not like they haven’t seen a penis! so i just walked out like it was nothing. I knew who the guy was but wasn’t friends so i just gave a head nod and kept walking. There is a giant mirror on the ceiling so you can see all parts of the locker room and i looked at it to find him just staring in disbelief. i just chuckled and went to my locker. I glanced in the mirror while i was at my locker and saw that he was looking in the mirror at me too. I didn’t care so i just kept doing what i was doing. While i was drying off my crotch where the dryer couldn’t reach i saw in the mirror that he had his underwear around his knees and was playing with his cock. I actually started to get a little hard myself. The idea of someone possibly watching me was exciting and new. so i put my clothes on so he wouldn’t notice (that is if he hadn’t already). I walked by to go through the bathroom door and he was just standing there playing around with it. He gave me a head nod with a smile and i just kept walking chuckling slightly.

It was a little strange. Not a bad strange but a curious one. I wasn’t bothered by it at all but didn’t know how to react. Maybe if it were in a different setting and time i would have acted upon it. But that wasn’t the time. It is actually quite funny because i don’t try to put myself in those kind of situations. I’m just living like myself and doing what i feel comfortable doing and these things just happen. Not saying they are bad things though.

Note for the readers. If you have any questions or anything else i could write about let me know in the Topic Ideas section of the blog. I would blog more if i had more thought provokers or ideas that bring back other memories worth blogging about.

Nude at Night

Si a few weekends ago i had the house to myself for a few nights. And of course i spent that time naked.

I did the usual. Did some homework watched some tv browsed the web. Nothing new. My friend came over for a little while so i had my clothes on at first. But then  some soda spilled on me so had to take them off..i got undressed right there and just threw the clothes in the laundry room. I then continued to talk to my friend. He was a bit uncomfortable at first i think but didn’t say anything. Just laughed at first then that was it. After about an hour he had to ask.

“What’s so interesting about always being naked?”

I had anticipated this. So i explained. It just seems natural. If there’s no need for it at the moment why wear it. It’s not cold and I’m in my own home. Mind you this was the friend who had walked in on me while i was naked in my yard so he wasn’t surprised. i asked him if he ever did it on his own and he said yes but it felt strange just being there naked. But good strange, he continued, but it was still so new..I’ve only ever done it a few times. That was the end of the conversation but it still seemed like he wasn’t done yet but i didn’t ask him anything. Later on when he came back from the bathroom…he was naked.

he seemed more at ease that it wasn’t just me naked and seemed very comfortable. After a while of tv watching and computer browsing we got bored so thought of different dares we could do naked. These were outrageous but we did it anyway. The first one was to merely sit in the backyard naked. It was after 7 with barely any light so it was no big deal. Then it went to go on the roof naked. That was probably extremely stupid but still fun as hell. After awhile he ran out of dares so i just did some my own but he did them with me. What else are friends for right? well we walked out front of the house naked. Sat on the porch, then on the lawn then the middle of the street. Of course being very cautious.

At one point one of my neoghbors came out and almost saw us  so we went to his house. He lives right by this whole semi abandoned factory so we went there and walked around naked and explored just outside the factory but nobody coould see us. So on the way home we got in the car naked and drove around town for like 30 minutes. It was all good until we stopped next to a truck.. He had a view but just laughed and honked his horn.

Now if my friend isn’t comfortable being naked in his own house then i don’t think he could ever be.

So I Like to be Nude…

I guess most would call me a nudist. Even an exhibitionist. And i guess it’s been like that since i was around 12.

It started off simple. Hot summer night, no air conditioning and i was dying so i started out shirtless and went down to nothing. It felt really good and I was finally able to sleep. That soon led to be an all the time thing. Now i can’t sleep without being naked or i won’t sleep! and if I do fall asleep in my clothes, i end up taking them off in my sleep and i don’t even know it(that leads to another future story). The sleeping soon led to being naked whenever i was in my room. but as i got older and now i ventured even further into this new thing. I soon began being naked all over the house. At first only when i was home alone i would be in the family room naked. make simple foods naked do just about everything naked! Then i started doing it when family was home. They would be in a different room or different floor i would take my clothes off and just continue with what i was doing…leaving a blanket close of course to cover up when they came so they suspected nothing. I liked the thrill of there being a chance at being caught. That is still thrilling but i needed more.

Now i began being in my backyard naked. At first it would be in the middle of the night. Sneak out into the yard and just be naked. Only for a short time in fear of getting mosquitoes bites in some uncomfortable places. Soon i began going out in the middle of the day. Of course when i was home alone only due to all the windows. It started with where there was no chance whatsoever that the neighbors could see. Then i would venture out a little further out of the zero visibility zone if only for a moment. Then i dared to walk across the whole yard to the hammock and lay in it naked even.  Now I’m at the point of walking around my yard fully naked. Watering plants, washing down the patio, everyday yard stuff. For all i know the neighbors could be watching the whole time but the idea of that excites me.

The yard nudity led to someone walking in on me. This happened fairly recently, May of this year. One of my friends, Jack, who I’ve known for a while and is also close with my family came over. He is one of those people that knocks and comes right in. He knew i was home and said he may come over sometime that day. I didn’t know he was there and i was in the yard watering the plants. He came right out back and said “Look at that daytime moon!” He caught me by surprise and startled me a bit. At first i was embarrassed but i quickly got over it. He didn’t seem to mind either and just sat in a chair while i finished watering, still naked. We just talked about everyday things but i could tell he had questions. So i asked if he minded and he said no and asked if i have ever been caught. I told him of course this was my first time. We laughed and he asked why and i told him. “i’m comfortable and its hot.” he nodded and i continued with “and i like the thrill of it. It’s almost like skinny dipping without the water.” My friend understood that because he has done that in his own pool he explained. He said he would give it a try one day and i said he can now but he decided to try it alone first.

These are just a few instances of my nakedness and there are many more to come in the upcoming posts.

Why did I start blogging?

I’m new to this so don’t judge.

I’m not much of a writer, in fact I try to avoid writing. But i decided to give it a whirl. As you may have learned in the ‘About’ section, this blog was created to share my experiences i  have gone, am currently, and will go through as i continue my teen years and into adulthood. And hopefully this will help other people know they aren’t alone and even share there experiences and tips with me! On this blog i will be dealing with a WIDE variety of topics, from dating to jobs to hobbies and maybe even sex… Anything can be talked about here and would appreciate different topic ideas or questions. These blogs may be short and to the point or they may be long a drawn out…hopefully over time i get a rhythm and stay on a specific topic for every post and even blog at least weekly!

Like i said I’m new to the blogging world and any feedback on ways to improve it would be amazing. i would like to learn all the ins and outs of this and be able to do this with ease.

All i ask is for your respect and i will give it in return.

Now….the blogging begins!